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Fleetwood Mac…Symphony Style

Tonight I’ll be heading to the Washington Pavilion for a classy night of Fleetwood Mac songs played by the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra.

It’s not everyday, or ever really, that you’ll catch me at a Symphony, but I find it nearly impossible to pass on anything Fleetwood Mac related. And since turning 23 I’ve tried to diversify some of my entertainment choices.

Luckily I have a few friends who share my obsession with the popular pop/rock band. We’ll be the ones bobbing along to “Rhiannon,” grooving to “Dreams” and doing our best to hold back singing out loud to “Go Your Own Way.” I love live music.

I imagine there will be some sophisticated, regular Symphony-going folks in attendance, an opportune time to mix people watching and music listening.

During my freshman year of college I attended an actual Fleetwood Mac concert. It was great. I have high hopes this will be too.

Update: Balcony seats are the way to see a Symphony. The Christine Mcvie and Stevie Nicks impersonators performed uncanny versions of some of Fleetwood Mac’s biggest hits. Even the usher ladies were dancing along. Here’s a pic of our aerial view of the show. Curse the camera quality.